Our Homeschool

~Our Homeschool~

When I first met Rob, I was still a senior in high school and he just a Seaman Apprentice in the Coast Guard. One night we were talking, long before we ever started dating and he told me he was going to buy a boat, go sailing then become a farmer. I told him I was going to be a homeschool mom ( oh and all kinds of other cool things like a nurse, possibly a Senator, or campaign manager ūüėČ )

Funny how things work isn’t it?

I had some dear friends who were homeschooled as I was growing up and their childhood and their education and most importantly their mothers made an incredible and lasting impression on me. I love my mom to pieces she is amazing and I am so thankful for her every day! ¬†I also had, for the most part a great education, from outstanding teachers and good school district. But I knew deep down that I wanted to do something a different with my kids. I won’t say it’s always easy sailing and Heaven knows there are/were days I doubted myself but I have no regrets and I wouldn’t change this journey for anything.

I’ll attempt to list our resources but please know this is a bare bones list as we do an incredibly amount of reading and use our library and used book sales a ton. I believe in reading books, lots of living quality books¬†and¬†very very little twaddle (basically badly written books) You won’t ever find Junie B Jones or Disney books here. We listen to podcasts and have discussions, we go to museums and on hikes. We travel, we¬†travel, we travel. When we do use a¬†specific curriculum¬†or a program it’s really to make sure the bare basics are covered.

What we are currently using in our homeschool:

Grace ~ 5th Grade

MathMath Mammoth 5

Language Arts– A combination here!

Easy Grammar 5

Classical Conversations Essential Program which includes

Institute for Excellence in Writing- Ancient History

Essentials of the English Language

Copywork Math Terms from Classical Conversations

History/Science– Classical Conversations Curriculum which includes memory work covering

Latin, Geography, Math, Science, History as well as

 many living books including reading lists from Sonlight, Ambleside Online,

Story of the World Volume 1, book and Audio

Usborne Encyclopedia History of the World

Spectrum Science 5 for science reading comprehension

Spanish– Duolingo and Children’s books we buy in Spanish

Arts/PE– Piano,Ballet/Jazz, Chorus, Children’s Theatre, Karate

Rita ~3rd Grade

MathMath Mammoth 3

Language Arts– Spectrum Language Arts 3

poetry, writing letters, LA lessons alongside Grace,

basically I make this up every week based on what we need to work on next and

“loosely”using the Core Knowledge Curriculum Scope and Sequence

History/Science– Same as Grace

Arts/PE-Piano, Ballet/Jazz, Gymnastics, Children’s Theatre, Karate

Sam ~ 1st Grade

Math- Math Mammoth 1

Language Arts- Reading lessons with mom, poetry, Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence

Explode the Code 4

History/ Science– Same as Grace

Arts/PE– Piano, Gymnastics, Karate, Children’s Theatre