Little Moments

How do you pack up one busy, active, fun-loving, homeschool, farm family and move onto a 38 foot boat 2000 miles away? How do you keep one foot in each door? How do you try to cram in every single last thing, nothing to be missed, every hike, event, friend……




We are  trying to treasure every play-date, mom-date, good -bye to customers and it’s hard. So hard. Sorting through years of memories. Trying to figure out exactly how many books you can live without and still homeschool. The pots and pans and clothes, that’s the easy part. Even the furniture. It’s just stuff and we’ve never been too fussy about stuff. But then there is that piano, The one that your daughter has played almost an hour a day for 6 years…



We had been trying to sell our last big tractor for a few weeks. Last night a fellow said he was coming by and he was very interested. I had a feeling. This morning we got the kids started on their homeschool, we were about an hour a half in, just finished economics and math about to tackle poetry and phonics when I suddenly said to the kids, ” Go get dressed! (for we were still in pajamas of course at 9:30 am 😉 ) School is done for the day!” What! Has mom gone crazy my husband and kids said to me. I said nope these are the moments we are going to treasure forever, each of you can take your turn to drive the tractor around the farm one last time, I think it’s going to leave today. And so Daddy shot hoops with the kids while I supervised. Everyone got one last ride around the farm, for we don’t know when we’ll have a tractor again. Sure enough an hour after we were done, the farmer who had called last night showed up with a trailer and bought that tractor and down the road she went. My husband tried not to get choked up as that tractor has been practically the heart of this operation since we began. We hadn’t even realized how attached we were. I looked at him and said ” THAT is why I canceled school today, We will never have these moments back again. We have to live in them and soak it all up.”

Sounds so cheesy doesn’t it? I literally said those words today and meant it. I guess shaking up your life to live your dreams does that to you? Turns you into a mom cheeseball! But hey, that’s the way we live life around here. Intentionally to the point of cheesy.





We are excited for our journey, incredibly excited! But like the passing of a flame, we are in these moments, in this place, until we get to the next one.

We had a yard sale two weeks ago and we’ll have another one this weekend, slowly but surely we are almost ready. But until we drive down that road we are soaking up every. single. moment.



And with that, I’ve got a mom-date scheduled tomorrow night with some of my besties! Margaritas and laughs here we come!


Soaking in. Every single moment.







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