On Minimalism aka Moving onto a Sailboat

Is there anyone immune to all the talk about minimalism lately? It seems all the buzz. Fb book groups, at the gym, at the ball field, on a hike with a friend… Many of my friends have read THE BOOK, you know you know the one!  I would nod my head and say “yeah, I know about that one” but honestly I think I knew deep down how hard it really would be, I was, shall we say avoiding the topic?  But I also knew that we were moving on a sailboat and I needed to pair down ( Ahem, perhaps some denial about how much stuff is sitting in this old house) but you know … I had time…. Right?

Um…. maybe not so much time!

My son had a doctor’s appointment this last week and the when we left, the doctor wanted to schedule a three month follow up which put us squarely into August. AUGUST! Yikes!

With our big move coming up the plan is:

to farm all summer

close down the farmstand Labor Day weekend

and be on our boat in Florida by September 30th.

I think scheduling that appointment just hit me how fast his is all happening and even though this has been in the works for a year and half we are in the home stretch now ….and there is SO MUCH TO DO!

This is it folks!

In just three months I have to pare down all of our belongings to a few totes to be stored at my in-laws and what will comfortably fit on a 38ft sailboat. In my head I go over and over lists of how many clothing items per person, how many kitchen utensils I can reasonably fit in my galley. Last time Rob and I lived aboard and cruised for a year on our 30’ Allied Sea Wind, we were so young we had almost no belongings but we did make a mistake which definitely had a negative impact on our trip.


We don’t care about fancy clothes or dishes or even furniture but we have a serious addiction to books and music.


Choices must be made!

One could say…maybe… that I am the “free-spirited” one in our relationship and my husband is all business. I like to think it works beautifully and generally complements us well.

This last winter we went through Operation Pare Down : Round One.

Our spare room was getting packed full of, well, stuff. We’ve lived onthis farm for 9 years. I just don’t l know how this happens! Where does all this stuff come from? I kept meaning to tackle it but it’s just not in my nature when I am already constantly cooking, doing dishes, homeschooling. Okay and seriously, when I get a free moment I RUN like an escaped prisoner! To the museum! Or Library! Or Skiing! Or we cozy up to a pile of books, or a science experiment, or a good artsy mess! As you can imagine, this is not helping me get closer to paring down our “stuff”.

Enter : my hubby. He is so good for me. He saw that I had a couple days of no appts or lessons on the calendar and so, he brought the ENTIRE contents of the spare room to the dining room for me to sort as he put away everything in the keep pile.

It was soooo arduous and painful.

Every. Single. Book. Baby clothes….memories. I was so proud! I am embarrassed to say we got rid of over  7 trash bags of clothes and 30 grocery bags of books.

I promised myself that was round 1 and I would do it again.

But oh there are so many more fun and interesting things to do!!!

Until now! When I see that date looming ahead.

I HAVE to pull it together and forge ahead.

We are so excited for our next adventure.

For a simpler, minimalist life.

To not be beholden to things.

To not spend so much time cleaning and organizing my STUFF!

This will be my motto and I will not be distracted! (okay not too much anyway! We do also have a farm to run, and school to do our Fresh Air Children to host and it IS our last summer in New England for a while… )

Wish me luck!


One thought on “On Minimalism aka Moving onto a Sailboat

  1. You just nailed exactly what I’m aiming to do this year and going forward — To not be beholden to things. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in “things and wants” and hard to remember to let go of that and focus on needs. Can’t wait to read more about your journey!

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