Life Ahoy!

Those big changes we alluded to!?

We’ve told many of our friends, family and customers but here it is in bold print for all the world to hear. We are wrapping up our final season farming and moving onto our sailboat! Yes that’s right, we bought a 38′ Cheoy lee sailboat last September and we have been slowly and surely been making our plans for about a year and half to make this big change.


We’ve been farming since the summer before we got married when we sailed our 30′ Allied Seawind Gypsy back to Ft Pierce Florida in 2003. We got engaged in the  Bahamas while we were cruising and at the end of that season we sailed back to Florida, hauled out our boat, bought a pickup and drove to Vermont where Rob and I began farming within the month. We sold that amazing and very special to us boat about a month after our first baby, Grace was born in ’05.

It’s been a great and I mean great journey these last 13 years. Our kids have all been born on the farm and we have had great adventures, learned so much and will forever be connected to the food we eat and the land  in a way that few will ever experience. The thing is, I think Rob and I are Gypsys at heart and 13 years has been a looooong time to be tied down, and if there is anything that ties a person down, it’s farming. The kids and I have been blessed and we have managed to sneak off to Alaska, New York City and other adventures leaving Rob behind to run the farm. We have been insanely lucky to have fantastic friends and help and so the last few years we were able to buy a smaller sailboat a 27′ Bristol on which we managed to spend 3 to 4 weeks in the winter sailing the Gulf Coast of Florida. But the kids are such a perfect age now, and they are growing so fast. We had always said that we wanted them to get a true taste of sailing and we just weren’t sure when that would happen but somehow life lines up in  way when you just know the answers and somehow Rob and I on the exact same page just knew that this was the time.

We are all truly excited although it is incredibly bittersweet.boat6

We love this corner of Vermont and have the dearest friends and community a family could ever ask for. We are so attached to everything here, from our brilliant, warm and beloved piano teacher to our incredibly creative dance studio. From the most amazing small town children’s theatre we have been blessed to be a part of to the great state college where Rob has loved teaching biology . From Burke Mountain where my kids have spent days and days knowing every trail and whispering and giggling their way up the lifts with their dear dear homeshool friends to the beautiful lakes and beaches where some of the most amazing women I am blessed to call friends have gathered to empower each other and learn and lean on each other. And if I get started on our homeschool family I just might cry….. A-MAZ-ING!!!

As bitter as leaving all that is, and believe me I have moments where I think we are crazy to give up so much, the sweet part is a new chapter of adventure, travel and precious time with our rapidly growing children exploring more of the world.

boat4The plan….. Last winter we went down and moved our boat to the Jacksonville area from Titusville Florida. We are full on farming this summer until Labor Day where we will wrap it up and be headed down to the boat by the end of the month.  This first winter we may stick pretty close to Florida as she has some upgrades and work we’d like to do. Next spring we are headed to my home in Alaska for the summer. (To answer the most popular question, no we aren’t taking our boat, we’re flying! )To say I am excited about being home for a season would be the understatement of the year! The next winter it’s Carribean Islands here we come! The plan is three years with summers in Alaska and winters cruising. But you know what they say…”Man makes plans, God laughs! ”  We are flexible and ready to see where God wants us so it may be longer, may be shorter, may be further than the Carribean maybe not. What we know is that we love homeschooling and being with our kiddos, we love sailing and  we are looking forward to new adventures! If our three weeks aboard this winter are any indication, our family has much to look forward to!


3 thoughts on “Life Ahoy!

  1. Good luck with it all, how exciting. We just sold out boat in Alaska and moved to Maine. We hope to be back on the water with another boat come winter. Maybe we’ll see you out there 😉

    1. Alaska and MAine, two of my favorite places in the world! My husband and I lived aboard our board in Rockland Harbor in the summers when he was stationed there in the Coast Guard. A new boat sounds like a great new adventure! We’ll for sure see you out there. 🙂

  2. Very nicely written! So proud of you Tamara. You will love your sailing life and your Alaska summer life as well. My sister just completed their voyage around the world. Love you so much, Auntie Vic

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