this day on the farm~ change is in the air!


Another day on the farm, never mundane! Sam made a hypothesis and proved it about how my coffee maker works- this was a 20 minute conversation, I kid you not.

Rita changed clothes no less than a dozen times ( okay maybe 1/2 dozen) and spent the morning upside down, then helped our awesome intern Owen harvest and wash and pack CSA shares, then assisted dad in teaching his biology lab at the college. She’s a worker that one is!

Grace made an amazing breakfast for all (she is the queen of the smoothie! This one with our own ripe melons, our own mint and our pastured eggs, with chia seeds and frozen peaches) and put in her time reading. What a blessing it is to have such a reader…..

Because mom had to go deliver CSA shares then do some dreaded shopping. Like the REAL kind where you go to big shopping centers (which for us means a 2 hour drive away) full of stores and try things on and get every last piece of clothing for three kids and herself to BE IN GRAMIS WEDDING! Which we are crazy excited about!

That change in the air~
that’s….Grami getting married!
Which means that….the kids and I flying out of Boston Alaska bound Friday morning!!!!
which means insta-fall!….86 degrees in northern Vermont today and low 50’s in Prince William Sound!!! Hopefully there’ll be some leaves left on the trees when we get back in 3 weeks because missing fall in Vermont is a sad sad thing.

And our family got BIG news which we have been waiting on and will post soon! As soon as I find the words to tell it….and as soon as I finish washing Mt. Washmore before our trip Friday morning!!! Soon, I’ll post soon…

~ Tamara

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