We are finishing our second cut hay this week and so we had some super homeschool teens helping us stack hay this afternoon.  This, of course, thrills my kids because when you’re a half pint there is nothing cooler than hanging out with “teenagers.”  Yes, even homeschool kids are not immune to this phenomenon.

I was in the office when suddenly I hear “Mama! Mama! Mama! Come see!” This is a sound I hear frequently from my little explorers and it’s music to my ears. My little guy comes running in to show me his treasure, 2 teeny tiny eggs!


I oohed and ahhhed appropriately but of course wanted to know where they came from, suddenly worried some poor mama bird was just subjected to an eggnapping!

My little guy proudly  tells me “We found them in the hay in the hayloft! There was no Mama around, I’m going to hatch them.”


“Hmmm, is that so? They might not be fresh….but you’re welcome to try”  I reply as I head to the kitchen when suddenly I hear a loud POP!



Poor kid, they were definitely old and on their way. The sound was incredible, like a balloon popping and the stench! Well that was pretty incredible too!

He was so sad. and to add fuel to the fire, the smell was so awful it took quite a while to get it off his hands, and out of the office!!!!


But what a discovery! This. Right here. Is why I love homechooling.  Every day, every hour is school. Oh sure we do the requisite math books and phonics for as little time as necessary, but this is where the heart of homeschooling lies. Adventures, discoveries and yes even in rotten eggs.


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