Lovin’ our local swim hole!

What is not to love about a local swim hole?! It is quintessential country living!

We love ours!!! Not even a half a mile down the road with no houses between. The kids love to hop on the bike to head on down. With perfect spots for jumping in on a hot summer day this one is quite lovely.  Fortunately we’ve still been having warm summer days but the kids and I feel determined to soak up every last one as we are leaving soon to visit my fam for a few weeks in Alaska (yippeeeee!!!) and when we get home I’m afraid summer will officially be over.


With the church at the four corner’s (that is pure Vermont speak) in the background, how stinkin’ cute is that!


Sam is dropping stick boats~ This is actually deep enough you can jump off the culvert, my kids aren’t quite brave enough yet, but when they are you can bet I’ll post a pic!


The girls are deep in discussion on who is going first and will the other follow through. This is serious business when you’re 8 and 10. Oh and the life jackets, the girls are both great swimmers but this water comes right off the mountain that sits behind our farm and it is take your breath away cold!  The life jacket seems to help 🙂


Big sister goes first!


then the littler one!





Sam is not quite ready for the big jump yet. He’d rather play with the sticks and rocks still.

But one thing: DO YOU SEE THOSE RED LEAVES! It’s officially the beginning of fall in Vermont, even if it’s 86 degrees today.

Bittersweet as always.



following the path home…


Grace and Finny, headed home…


up the hill, through the sugarwoods…





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